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Govt. Aided College & Affiliated to North Bengal University
Recognized by UGC Under Section 2(f) and 12(B)
Year of Establishment: 1962 :: NAAC Accredited B++ (Cycle 2)
  About the Department:

       The Department of English was established in Kalimpong College on 12th November 1962. By 1973, it was ready to offer an Honours Course in English Literature. It has shown a steady growth over the years in academic excellence, greater participation and impact in the activities of the College in general, and a positive and motivational influence in the society in general. English being the international language for communication, information and empowerment, and English Literature being one of the richest Literatures in the world, the Department has endeavored to highlight these factors and empower the students. Over the years, the syllabus has also expanded taking in literature from various parts of the world, including Indian literatures in translation. Hence the students have acquired wider knowledge and appreciation of literature from around the world. Having Honours in English offers more scope for a variety of jobs as well.
      At present it is managed by four full-time teachers - Ms Mrinalini Chhetri (Associate Professor), Ms. Anukampa Subba (Associate Professor), Dr. Amit Rauth (Assistant Professor), Ms. Phupu Lahmu Sherpa (Assistant Professor), and two SACT teachers, Ms. Binita Rizal and Ms. Arpita Chhetri. Currently it has a total strength of 102 students in Honours, and 495 students in Programme English.
      The Department of English has held Workshops in Creative Writing and Journalism with the help of practicing writers and journalists, and continues to uphold academic excellence, innovative teaching, and student motivation by organizing Seminars (a UGC sponsored National Seminar, a U.S.E.F.I sponsored Regional Seminar), annual students' seminar, creative activity through the Transcreation Club, using films and other audio-visual support to supplement class-room teaching, educational excursions, and taking active part in students related co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes of the College in general.
      The Department of English has some short-term and long-term goals and dreams. At present the Department is headed by Ms. Anukampa Subba, Associate Professor, HOD, Dept. of English.