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Govt. Aided College & Affiliated to North Bengal University
Recognized by UGC Under Section 2(f) and 12(B)
Year of Establishment: 1962 :: NAAC Accredited B++ (Cycle 2)
  About the Department:


Chemistry department was established in the year 1973 (07.12.1973) with ten students only. From the inception of the Department Shri S.I. Khan was the permanent faculty and head of the department. In the year 1977 (14.07.1977) Shri Prabir Das joined as a laboratory instructor. After that Shri Malay Homray joined on 1st January 1985 as a lecture and after the retirement of Shri S. I. Khan in 2006 (13.01.2006) Shri M. Homray became the head of the department. During the period July 2000 to August 2006 Shri Deb Das served as a Part time teacher and after that Shri Prawin Kumar Sharma joined as a Part time teacher and continued up to 2009. After shri Prawin Kumar Sharma, Ms. Sona Lamu Lepcha joined as a Guest Lecturer and continued up to 2012. In 2010 (01.04.2010) Dr. Sanjoy Saha has been joined as a Assistant Professor through WBCSC and has taken the responsibility of the department as HOD after the retirement of Shri Malay Homray in 31st March 2013. In the year 2014, Shri PradeepThakuri joined as a guest lecturer and continued up to 2018. In the year 2016 (01.09.2016) Shri Deshaj Bhujel joined as a Guest Lecturer and on date 01.01.2019 the West Bengal Government has appointed Shri D. Bhujel under the category of State Aided College Teacher. After the general transfer of Dr. Sanjoy Saha in the year 2019, Shri Deshaj Bhujel has taken the responsibility of the Department as HOD. Shri Deomani Sapkota is the only laboratory assistant in this department and has been working since 02.08.1999. From the beginning the college authority was very co-operative and tried their best for the development of this department. From the beginning the college authority was very co-operative and tried their best for the development of this Department.  


The area of the Department of Chemistry is approx. 153.7 Sq.m consisting of two laboratory, one class room, one office and one store room for chemical and glass apparatus. 


 At present sanctioned teaching post in the Department of Chemistry is two but at this moment the Department has only one SACT faculty. We are trying our best for the students as well as for the Department. During the session we used to involve in practical classes, theory classes, class tests, departmental seminar, project work and remedial classes for the backward class as well as weak students. There are approx. 30 books in the Departmental Library and student can use those books for reading and Xerox purpose wit in college campus. In Central Library there are 616 books including organic, inorganic, physical, analytical and industrial chemistry. Students can borrow two books at a time. Internet facility has been given for the students and teaching staff. Both the laboratory is equipped with required chemicals and instruments like melting point apparatus, hot plate, heating mantle, pH-meter, electronic balance, digital balance, common balance, hot air oven, and conductivity meter. Students are using LPG gas for heating purpose and tap water for their laboratory work. Students’ safety is maintained during the practical classes. From the last three years our student’s success in B.Sc. (General) part-III as well as CBCS examination is approx. 100%. In future we try to keep this success percentage and go ahead. 


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