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Govt. Aided College & Affiliated to North Bengal University
Recognized by UGC Under Section 2(f) and 12(B)
Year of Establishment: 1962 :: NAAC Accredited B++ (Cycle 2)

Code of Conduct for the college students

The students of Kalimpong College are from diverse background. They come from different socio-cultural, ethno-religious groups. So, it is very important for the authority to maintain cordiality among its students as well as the staffs. There are a few guidelines for the students to follow and adopt them while at the college:

  • The students need to honor and safeguard the beautiful bio-diversity.
  • Students need to maintain the secular atmosphere of the college.
  • Students need to abide by various ethical values and gender sensitization which are delivered during different orientation programmes of the college.
  • There should be no Gender discrimination or gender barriers. College authority has zero toleration on gender bias.
  • Ragging is an offence and is strictly prohibited in the college campus. Any student involved in such activities will be taken strict legal action and could be even expelled from the college if found guilty.
  • Consuming Alcohol, Gutka and smoking is strictly Prohibited in the premises of the college.
  • Use of mobile phones in the class rooms, library etc. is prohibited.
  • The students are expected to treat the members of the entire college staff and their fellow students with courtesy both in and outside the college. There must be no disorderly or offensive conduct at any time. Strict action may be taken in such matters.
  • Impersonation at Roll call is an offence.
  • The students should engage in programmes like college cleaning on regular basis. Their participation in such programmes helps to inculcate a sense of belonging and also to make them aware of clean environment.
  • As the campus is located in the midst of woods the students are taught to respect and conserve these green surroundings.
  • College property, furniture, library books must be treated with due care. Otherwise, strict and disciplinaryaction may be taken.
  • There should be mutual respect among the juniors and seniors. Juniors should respect the seniors and the same time the seniors should also maintain reverence and dignity towards their juniors.
  • There should be healthy environment inside the campus, and everyone should refrain from immoral politics.
  • Everyone should be having proper sense of their dress and should not wear any such clothes which is unpleasant for others. The college encourages formal wear inside the college campus.

             DRESS CODE

 In a co-educational academic institution like ours it is desirable that an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation exist between the Students and Staffs as well as among Students in the college campus for maintaining a conducive academic atmosphere. The College believes that this goalcan be achievedby nurturing and promoting good behavior and safeguarding the morality of the students. The College has, therefore, taken up the initiative of introducing a dress-code for the Students and staffs.

 For Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff of the College

  • Decent formal outfits befitting for the professionals associated with any formal institution.

Dress code for Students

  • For male students :


Don’t ‘s


i) Formal shirt and trousers

i) No shorts like Bermuda, three-fourth pants, cargo joggers with big pockets


Sweatshirts, sweatpants and woolens are allowed during cold weather.

ii) T-shirt with collars

­ ii) No torn or ripped jeans

iii) Normal jeans pants

    iii) No tight sleeveless attire


  • For Female students :


Don’t ‘s


i) Salwar-kameez

i) No tight tops






Sweatshirts, sweatpants and woolens are allowed during cold weather

ii) T-shirts with collar with proper length

ii) No shorts like Bermuda, three-fourth pants, cargo joggers with big pockets

iii) Kurtis

iii) No torn or ripped jeans

iv) Formal pants and

      normal jeans

iv) No skirts or short dresses


v) No tank-tops and cropped tops


vi) No spaghetti tops or

        sleeveless attire.