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Govt. Aided College & Recognized by UGC u/s 2(f) & 12 (b)
Year of Establishment: 1962 :: NAAC Accredited B++ (Cycle 2)
Beautification, Health & Hygiene Committee (current session)
Name of the Members current session :
Miss PalmoTamang


Dr.Manik Lal Acharjee (Member)
Mrs. Nisha Bagdas (Member)
Dr.Momtaj Begum (Member)
Mr. JitenMangar (Member)
Mrs. Jennifer Lama (Member)
Mr. BikashBasor (Member)
Mr. PramodBasor (Member)



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  1. Activities from 2016 onwards :


The first Special cleaning programme of the Kalimpong College Campus was undertaken on 05/03/2022 by the efforts of members of Beautification, Health and Hygiene Committee with the help of 22 NCC and 05 NSS Volunteers. The programme was set to occur on that day with the prior permission of the Principal, Kalimpong College along with the suggestions provided by the senior teachers of the college. The cleaning was specially done after keeping in mind the start of offline classes from 07/03/2022. The college office also provided us with all the help and required materials provided for the cleaning. The cleaning programme started at around 11 in the late morning with the dusting of various classrooms by the volunteers. Two groups of volunteers were created whereby one group went to clean the classrooms present in the old College building while the other group went to clean the lower part of the campus which includes the buildings containing bigger hall like classrooms, open space outside the college Library, also the Ignou and BBA sections.  Various departments and available rooms were cleaned thoroughly so as to make them dust-free and airy. The part of the old building where drinking water facility is already present was also dusted and cleaned.  After cleaning all the rooms, the garbage were collected and taken to dispose them. Our members and volunteers worked with great zeal to make our college campus clean and waste free. Washroom cleaning was also done using washroom various sorts of washroom cleaners on the same day with the help of two persons who were hired by our office, on daily wage rate.  Then, new dustbins and hand-washes were installed in every washroom (07: staff and student’s washroom) to avoid littering of waste on the floor. Mugs for the washrooms were also provided on the same day.  With this, the cleaning programme came to an end at around 4 in the evening.. All the volunteers were provided with refreshments that were arranged at the College Canteen (financed by the college office).  College Sanitization was also conducted on the next day (06/03/2022) by the KalimpongMuncipality with joint efforts of the college office and the committee.



            21st April 2022 marks an important day in the history of Kalimpongcollege, as the college received its Sanitary Pad Vending Machine and a Incinerator for female students. The installation took place with combined efforts of Kalimpong Municipality and the College as a whole. Mr. Rabi Pradhan, Chairman, Kalimpong Municipality  himself graced the occasion and took part in the installation of these two machines i.e. Sanitray Pad Vending Machine (capacity- 40 pads at a time) and an incinerator (which burns upto 20 pads at a time). The Sanitary Pad Vending Machine will be beneficial for all the female students in the need of time, while the incinerator also helps to reduce waste by burning the pads inside the machine at an temperature of above 200. This installation programme was attended by both the staff and the students of the college.

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  1. Photo from 2016 onwards
i) Special Cleaning Drive of the college Campus (04/03/2022) and Sanitization (05/03/2022)
ii) Installation of Sanitary Pad Vending Machine and Incinerator